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Observing instruction in classrooms

"To reflect on practice we must observe practice."

Barth 2001

This wiki has been set up to share my research on the effectiveness of certain protocols that teachers and school leaders use to observe and encourage reflection upon instructional practice in classrooms. My research explores whether there have been any changes to instruction after feedback from the observations and the reflections. I am also interested in exploring whether we can identify any improvements in student learning.

I am aware that there are other contexts, both formal and informal, where teachers and school leaders observe instruction in classrooms. Howeve​r as Barth (2001) suggests we only learn from experience when we distance ourselves from the routine activities and intentionally reflect to clarify and articulate our craft knowledge . Reflection, through the use of protocols, can create that distance. There are two protocols that will be explored as part of this research: learning walks or walk throughs and instructional rounds.

I invite teachers and school leaders to join the discussion forum below and share their experiences with observing instruction in classrooms and in particulr if they are using one of these structures: learning walks or instructional rounds to promote teacher reflection.

For those interested in looking at the research behind observation of instructional practice or want resources to introduce or explore this with their team or school community please click on the Research Resources link in the side column.

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A Map of the Beachside Schools Area.

Initial Survey on Observation of Instruction in Classrooms

The aim of this survey is to collect some initial data on observations of instruction in classrooms. There are only 6 questions in this initial survey so that teachers or school leaders can complete it in a short time frame.

Click Here to take Click Here to take survey

Respondants can ask for interium results by sending a request via email.


Barth R.S, Learning by Heart, 2001. Jossey-Bass

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