Research on 'Observations of Instruction' in Classrooms

There is considerable research on observation of instruction that is used for the evaluation of teacher performance. Evaluation is not the intent of strategies like learning walks or instructional rounds however understanding the previous culture of observations in classrooms helps us prepare teachers for a different way of seeking improvement.

Case Study of a teacher who, after being provided observational feedback on teacher actions when students were off task, changed her instructional strategies and made substantial gains in student engagement.
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This research paper concludes that the success of using 3rd party observations to improve the quality of teaching depends upon the level of control by the observee on 5 dimensions that include: the focus of observation, the method of feedback and the next steps.
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This research paper argues that if classroom observation is linked to action research rather than evaluation the 3rd party observer will be seen as a facilitator and the idea of education practice as an ongoing enquiry is enabled.
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This paper is a case study of a 2nd year teacher being observed to provide feedback to improve performance.
external image pdf.png Expanded Academic ASAP_Using observational data to provide performance feedback to teachers_ a high school case study.(Case study).pdf