This page is dedicated to key resources found that readers, contributors and members interested in exploring the relationship between observing instructional practice and casual links to changes in teacher behaviours and improvements in student learning.

instruro-city-web-160.jpgHere is a summary of the book

Here is the book introduction;

Instructional rounds hit the headlines of the local paper in Brookline, just outside of Boston.
Waterford High School in California uses observing instruction to build the capacity of the teacher observe just as much as the feedback to the teacher being observed that promotoes dialogue about their practice. The Quick Time videos require some bandwidth to view.

This video on Youtube looks at formative teacher observation where peers observe each other in a 3 part process design to promote teacher reflection and improvement in instruction.

Learning Walks in New Zealand have been developed over the past few years and Cheryl Doig talks about them and share her work.

Walkthroughs or Learning Walks often have frameworks to use when observing instruction. Here are two examples of frameworks:

Mathematics Teaching Resources

Our focus in the Beachside Network has been instructuional walks with a focus on mathematics. Whilst there are research papers on this wiki I thought to include teaching resources as well for teachers.

Other Network Resources